Monday, February 24, 2014

Just came across another old writing of mine, an argumentative essay which I had to write for a writing class in May 2009...I have decided to include an extract here (from the much larger paper), since it gives my thoughts on a common fundamentalist interpretation of Acts 17:11, and I would like to have it online, so I can easily reference it if I need to do so. (I have slightly tweaked some sections, as well as included a short expansion, trying to make it more suitable as a blog post, but the substance is the same as I wrote back then). I know it definitely needs some revision, so as to express my thoughts clearer (and thereby strengthen the arguments), which I may get to at some point. Moreover, in imitation of the apostle Paul, it contains many run-on sentences! But for now, here it is:

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Beauty and the Beast

I just came across an essay I had to write for an online summer college course in 2010 that I have decided to include here. Basically, I had to write an essay on a fairy tale (my choice), but answering specific questions found in the textbook. Between the latter qualification which placed limits on what I could write, and the fact that I had to do it in a single day, it is perhaps not as good as it could be otherwise, but it's still something I've decided it would still be valuable (for me at least) to include here:

A Fairy Tale Essay